sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2007


A landscape for the game Paper Samurai

paper samurai III

A darker samurai with many powers.

paper samurai II

Hi This is some of the characters that I created for the game "Paper Samurai" and a example of the growing of the character.

quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007

terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2007

Paper Samurai

The Paper Samurai concept evolved to this point and I think now it´s more consistent and with more feeling.

Charlie "the eyeball"

This is a concept art that I started for a platform game for Tapestry software. I like it very much because this could become a interesting third person game, that can be played with one character that are tree. Charlie, the eyeball and the friendly flesh that connects the eye to the body. I still don´t know if they will do this game but I sure love to play it some day.

paper samurai

This is one of the first concepts that i made for Tapestry software, for the creation of a world of origami. Were you could be a sheet of paper and transform into origami forms. So a started with this funny little paper samurai in this strange world. 


This work was made for Tapestry software. To illustrate the diferent pages of the Myig website.

Metal child

Hi. I will start my blog with a work I have done for a friends blog. Greetings for you Congas. It´s a work that I like because it resembles me when i was young. Metal up, I am working in a different illustration but I like this it reminds me my good old times of metal and head-banging. It start with a quick painting in photoshop that a vectored to the final work so that he can arranged it as he please. Metal 4 ever.

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

Anasazi "O sobrevivente"

Anasazi "the survivor"
This was my final work of my degree in Communication Design and my first experience in comic books. I really enjoy this one. It was for me one of the things that give me more pleasure than ever. I really must do another again. I also done a video of it that was another good experience(Anasazi o sobrevivente-Animation). 
I loved the story, that i created with my dear and brainy friend Samuel Teixeira(, who helped me in giving some juice and some background to the story. Well the story is about an apocalyptic future, year 4044, were our principal character Anasazi is living and struggling for is life with mutations from government experiments and the world is full of creatures that are starving like Anasazi becouse there is few food remaining. So Anasazi is a Human that becomes cannibal so that he can survive. 
I have done this story because we are facing a growing individual and gready, society that forgets moral and ethics principals and this is an example of what could happen in the future.
I just love science fiction and gore so this is that story that i love too create and I hope i will get too do a 2º book.